The wide range of facilities offered, such as various cafeterias and gym,
combined with the easy access make Novo Park an excellent solution for our
employees. We highly appreciate the openness and responsiveness of the team

Mr. Jihad Haidar
Managing Director, Infineon Tehnologies Romania


Taking into account aspects like costs, quality of services and our employee’s
satisfaction, we considered Novo Park as the best choice for our headquarters in

Mr. Horea Harsan
Country Manager, Yokogawa Europe B.V. Romania Branch1


In Novo Park, we enjoy an excellent office space combined with unique facilities
and a spacious green area.

Mr. Bogdan Pelinescu
Country Manager, Luxoft Romania


We chose Novo Park for the opening of the first Starbucks unit in a business
park in Romania for being the best location in a key business area, where many
of our clients work. This strategic decision is already successful for Starbucks.

Mr. Petko Zahariev
CEO, Marinopoulos Coffee Company III S.R.L.


As one of the first tenants to move into Novo Park, we have chosen to stay
because of the continuous improvements and new facilities being added to the
complex. This approach made us feels that our needs are not only being met, but

Mr. Mihnea Vasiliu
General Manager, Ringier Romania


Novo Park offers us an excellent location within a well-developed business park
complete with a wide array of facilities for our employees, including parking
spaces, cafeterias and gym.

Mr. Dorin Grigorescu
Director Resurse Umane, Mondelez


Novo Park is offering us exactly what we need: modern high quality class A
offices with a specially customized operational area, located close to public
transportation, in an area with plenty of useful amenities. So far, the relocation to
Novo Park had a very positive impact on our team, and we expect this to continue.

Mr. Jean Istasse
General Manager, Sodexo Pass Romania


Novo Park provides us with flexible high quality office space customized for our
needs and growing business in Romania. It feels like home.

Mr. Radu Enache
Country Manager, Hewlett Packard Romania


Being located in what we consider to be one of the most dynamic business areas
in Bucharest, Novo Park provides the appropriate office space our complex
business requires, supporting us in our professional endeavors.

Mr. Okan Yurtsever
General Manager, Garanti Leasing


Novo Park offers to our employees a combination of benefits such as quality
office space and high business park facilities located in an easily-accesibile area.

Ms. Gabriella Golfre Andreasi
Branch Manager, UniCredit Business Integrated Solutions S.C.p.A Romania